Meet Kody!

Kody Macaulay exemplifies a steadfast commitment to community, nation, and family.

Having achieved distinction as an Eagle Scout, he seamlessly transitioned into an illustrious career in the United States Air Force, garnering commendations for his unwavering dedication. Married to Melissa, they take pride in their two children, Zooey (10) and Charlee Rose (8), complemented by their cherished pets, Kenobi and Kitt. They also recently rescued a new puppy they named Rebel. As you can tell by the names of his pets, Kody is a huge Star Wars fan! Kody and Melissa enjoy watching their children compete in different sports; currently Zooey is playing Flag Football and Charlee Rose is in Gymnastics.

After seven years of meritorious service and two deployments, Kody made a strategic shift to the Air Force Reserves while concurrently venturing into law enforcement. His pursuit of self-improvement led to the attainment of a Master of Science in Sport Management from SNHU. In 2022, Kody medically separated from the Air Force Reserves, having served a total of 13 years in the military. Most recently, Kody was engaged in the realm of Information Technology and Security, contributing his expertise at Tinker Air Force Base, where he helped stand up the first Cyber Mission Defense Team in the Air Force.

Motivated by a desire to serve at a broader level, Kody aspires to represent District 4 as a congressman. His multifaceted background in the military, law enforcement, and IT positions him as an adept advocate for the diverse needs of his constituents. Throughout his journey, Kody remains dedicated to supporting and defending the rights of his family, neighbors, and country.






Zooey and Charlee Rose




MS in Sports Management
Southern New Hampshire University


1 Dog (Kenobi) 1 Cat (Kitt)

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"The love of a family is a life's greatest blessing."

- Eva Burrows